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My main professional activities are related with researching and teaching


Computer vision, Computational Intelligence


Computer Architecture, Ambient Intelligence




Photography, Travel

About Me

I received a degree in Computer Engineering in 2001 and a PhD degree in Computer Science at the University of Alicante (Spain) in 2007. Since 2001, I have been a faculty member of the Department of Computer Science Technology and Computation at the same university, where I am currently an Associate Professor and the Deputy Director of Research.

My research

My undergraduate studies provided me a strong background in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Architecture. I have been increasing them during his career, specifically in the field of Computer Vision where I have almost 15 years of research experience. Starting with my BSc project, I developed the vision system and the sonar based navigation to allow a B21 mobile robot to deliver mail in the Computer Technology Department (DTIC) corridors of the University of Alicante (UA). There, I started to do research related to providing visual systems to perceive in adverse conditions and their architectures carried out by the DTIC. At the same time, I started my doctoral studies whose main subjects were Computer Vision and Robotics. My main research project was the MSc Thesis where I developed a processor based on reconfigurable hardware for surface labelling of scenes independently of environmental lighting. A guidance aid for vehicles as a prototype of the architecture implemented on a FPGA was provided. In January 2003, I was awarded a Research Fellowship to collaborate in teaching and researching at DTIC. Thus, I became a member of the research team in a project whose main goal was the development of an autonomous, powerful and adaptive vision device capable of assisting mobile vehicles in a heterogeneous and changing industrial environment. I further strengthened my scientific basis during the PhD on adverse conditions vision. In this case, the adverse conditions were related to optical difficulties of acquiring specular surfaces. They caused undesired reflections and shines. In parallel as of 2005, I was co-responsible to found and develop a research line related to Domotics and Ambient Intelligence. The objective was to develop projects applying the information society technologies to provide home and personal services. I researched Computer Vision services, Middleware and Simulation. In 2009, I worked on a project evolved from my PhD whose research studied the problems and provided solutions to inspecting shape defects on ceramic specular surfaces. I was awarded the Post-doctoral Research Fellowship “Automatic visual inspection of shape defects on specular surfaces. Methods to compensate low sensitivity of 3D image acquisition and reconstruction techniques” by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education for research at University of Edinburgh. At that moment, I started to focus my research on 3D vision systems. Currently, I am interested in the following topics:

Computer vision

Computer vision, Three-dimensional vision, Automated Visual Inspection

Computational Intelligence

Machine learning, Neural networks, Human behaviour analysis

Ambient Intelligence

Domotics, Ambient Assisted Living


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